Sprinter Overview

Each of our customers has to meet very specific challenges in their dayto-day work. And as these demands are becoming larger by the day, there are numerous Sprinter panel van variants to meet them.


- 3 wheelbases

- 4 body lengths

- 3 loading space heights

- Loading length up to approx. 470 cm, loading room height up to approx. 214 cm.

- 3 different roof variants

- Numerous engine variants

- Numerous optional equipment features

- Weight variants: tonnages from 3.0 to 5.0 t

- Optionally up to 3.5 t towing capacity for selected vehicle variants

- Payload of up to 2695 kg

- Loading volume of up to 17 m3

The standard fit Crosswind Assist provides stabilisation in strong, gusty side winds through automatic brake interventions in order to help stay in lane, thus forestalling any hasty inappropriate reactions. Crosswind Assist is available for the Sprinter crewbus with a perm. GVW of 3.5 t or 3.88 t as well as a standard or long body length and a standard or high roof.

When combined with a fastened seat belt, the driver's front airbag enhances the protection potential in the event of a serious frontal collision. The diagram above shows simulated front-airbag activation (maximum deployment) – for illustrative purposes only.

Extension of oil change intervals to as much as 60,000 km for diesel vehicles (40,000 for petrol vehicles) or at least every two years. Maintenance intervals are up to 120,000 km (diesel models) or 80,000 km (petrol models), depending on usage.

Protects driver and co-driver from shifting loads. The partition is optionally available with a fixed or sliding window or a sliding door.

In conjunction with optional load-securing straps they prevent the load from slipping.